Jill Miyamoto has twenty-five years of experience in growing start-up, emerging growth and Fortune 50 companies and is sought after for her smart business-building skills and her mastery in creating high performing, engaged, happy cultures, individuals and teams.

Jill’s love for entrepreneurial and emerging growth business began at Rollerblade, the original in-line skate company, where she and a small group of passionate, sports-loving people created a new sport and took the company from a few million to over half a billion dollars in less than 10 years. Since Rollerblade, Jill co-owned a business in the restaurant industry, led concept and strategy development in venture capital, created award-winning marketing strategies that effectively positioned a medical company for sale, and created and sold a new product line into a mass retailer winning 100% of a $4 million business. Jill then took on an executive role at Target where she led teams that successfully negotiated over $10 billion of business for the company. She guided and empowered her teams and global partners to deliver on-time, high-quality, cost-right products that delighted Target guests and exceeded company financial goals.

Jill is fortunate to have served in leadership roles driving strategy, global sourcing, product development, brand management, operations, sales and marketing…and positioning companies for success in sporting goods, manufacturing, retail, medical device, and technology. She has also had the pleasure of working with professional athletes in the sports entertainment industry.

Born a small town Minnesota girl, one of Jill’s big dreams was to see the world, connect with amazing people across the planet and experience different cultures. To-date, she has travelled to over 30 countries where she’s enjoyed the sites, food and experiences along the way. Most importantly, the relationships she’s developed across the globe, including the opportunity to mentor and train people from diverse backgrounds, are priceless.

Jill is thrilled to be realizing another one of her dreams today, which is her mission to help people throughout the world build their dream business and ultimately…dream life. She has developed proven tools, strategies and insights that will help you triple your personal income and your business, while allowing you the freedom to focus on the things in life that are important to you on your journey. Additionally, Jill has learned from her own life experiences that relationships, health, spirituality, self-growth and contribution are critical priorities for her, and taking a holistic, 360° approach to all aspects of life is key to financial, business and personal success and fulfillment. She has incorporated these learnings into her business is personal. Get to the Core and her Personal Power Mindset programs.

Jill Miyamoto Brands Philosophy

  • Understanding
    Our philosophy is that we must first gain clarity on your vision in order to align you with our program that best meets your needs. We do this by providing you with a free coaching session valued at $1,000.
  • Insights and Knowledge
    We then provide a simplified, profit-focused, heart-centered approach to grow your business and arm you with tools and insights that help you build a 7-8 figure income and 3X your business.
  • 360° Approach
    We know that taking a holistic, 360° approach to all aspects of life is key to sustainable financial, business and personal success and fulfillment. Discover the #1 secret to tripling your business without sacrificing your freedom, relationships and lifestyle in our self-mastery offerings, and learn how to leverage your energy and mindset to create the business and life of your dreams.