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Scaling strategies that align results with your vision.
Scaling strategies that set you up for growth.
Leadership development that aligns personal growth with business vision
Personal and professional leadership development that supports growth, fulfillment and financial freedom.
Scale faster through disruptive and innovative approaches to create your dream business and life.

Upcoming Events

5-Day Momentum Challenge 


5 Powerful Momentum-Building Events designed to help you Ignite Growth Now in Your Business, Finances and Life.


December 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 ~ 2:00pm (CST) daily
5 days/1-hour live training with Jill each day


Only $99 (limited time offer)

Who is it for?
Business Owners and Business Leaders
What’s in it for you?

Learn what it takes to start igniting your growth in 5-Powerful Momentum-Building events.

  • Get focused on the actions that matter most to you;
  • Eliminate information overload and burnout;
  • Improve your health, reduce stress and increase energy;
  • Become more resilient in any situation; and
  • Increase your Wealth-Health in uncertain times.

The Momentum Accelerator


This intensive, 60 day Momentum Accelerator Program builds on Jill’s 5-Day Challenge and is designed to convert your learnings into action. You’ll discover the foundational elements to take your growth to the next level: 

  • Get Grounded.
  • Clarify your Wealth-Health.
  • Create your Momentum Map.
  • And Build your customized Momentum Accelerator Blueprint…

All designed to help you create massive, sustainable growth across your business, finances and life.


January 20, 27 & February 3, 10, 17 & 24 ~ 2:00pm (CST) 

6 weeks/90-minute live sessions with Jill



Who is it for?

Business Owners and Business Leaders focused on growth

What’s in it for you?

MODULE 1:  Power Up! Get Grounded. Get this proven formula for Accelerating Momentum across your life. Learn a comprehensive approach that gets you grounded for growth. Bridge the gap between growth and fulfillment so you can live a quality life and AVOID the Cost of REGRET.

 MODULE 2:   Your Wealth-Health & the Income-Producing System. Discover your Wealth-Health Equation. Learn the Income-Producing System that can take your growth to the next level with less effort and more fun. Identify your Power Activities that will help you create sustainable, meaningful momentum.

MODULE 3:   Momentum Mapping. Leverage the Vision-to-Results System to customize your acceleration plan. Understand how to mobilize your energy for growth beyond your expectations. Eliminate “things and stuff” that don’t fill your bank account or heart.

MODULE 4:  Momentum Acceleration Blueprint. Discover the Momentum Mindset so you can get in, and stay in a growth state-of-mind. Create your customized Momentum Accelerator Blueprint so you can ignite growth in your business, finances and life. Learn what you can do to continue the momentum through 2021 and beyond!

Grounded for Growth Business


12-month online, live Mastermind Program; Private Small Group, Weekly Calls, Course Materials, Quarterly On-line Expert Panel Series focused on helping you Accelerate Growth, Private Facebook Group, Group Coaching and Advisory. Monthly live Coaching/Training sessions with your Team to align focus.


12 months / weekly on-line live Mastermind workshops and coaching calls


Varies by Level. Apply to learn about the program best for you.

Who is it for?

Business Owners in growth mode in service and product industries; impact-driven.

What we’ll cover
  • Vision 
  • Power Priorities 
  • Power Growth Solution
  • Income-Producing Activities
  • Vision-to-Results System
  • Time Mastery
  • Culture Creation
  • Building Your Rapid Growth Power Board
  • Hiring, Outsourcing and Partnering
  • Wellness
  • Wealth/Financial Focus
  • Invincible Leadership
  • Team Engagement and Development
  • Scaling and Exit Strategies
  •  Operations ~ Sales, Marketing, Technology and more
What’s in it for you?

Massively grow your business like never before and take control of what truly matters most to you.

Grounded for Growth Business provides you with a comprehensive year-long coaching and mentoring program with Jill that helps you tackle your biggest challenges, accelerate your growth and realize your vision. With Jill as your accountability coach, you’ll get things done!

Since your team plays a vital role in bringing your vision to life, we help you dramatically reduce your effort in building this alignment. Unlike other programs, we work with your teams too!  This includes 12 (monthly), live, online training and development sessions focused on accelerating your growth and creating a culture that attracts and retains the ultimate team.

Gain a powerful network of business owners with similar challenges and committed to bringing their visions to life. And have a blast while doing it!

The end-game?

  • Create your ultimate vision
  • Get focused on your Income-Producing Priorities
  • Custom-build a focused action plan that fully aligns with your vision
  • Become the master of your time
  • Establish a clear scale strategy and exit plan
  • Leverage disruptive thinking that fuels your growth
  • Create a culture that rocks and build your dream team
  • Dramatically improve your financial position and grow like never before
  • Create your personal Board of Directors
  • Make your wellness a priority
  • Be the Invincible Leader you were meant to be, and have the financial freedom, relationships and lifestyle you want!

VIP and Custom-Built 


Our VIP and Custom-Built offerings provide business owners and leaders with solutions designed to meet their specific needs.

Consider this option if…

  • Your business is running you instead of you running your business
  • You want to get clear on the priorites that will drive your growth
  • You’re stuck – You’re finding that what got you here won’t get you to the next level
  • You want a collaborative leadership team that promotes growth
  • You need to better align your actions to your vision
  • You want to drive revenue growth faster
  • You want to build a rockstar culture
  • You’re committed to team development and retention
  • You want to reap the tremendous benefits of incorporating wellness across your business
  • You want a focused event to reenergrize the team




Who is it for?
Business Owners in Start-up to Mid-sized companies; Leaders focused on continued growth and living their best life now
Some of our offerings…
  • 1:1 Coaching 
  • Company VIP Day and Sessions
  • Think Tanks and Workshops
  • Executive Leadership Planning
  • Team Development and Training Programs
  • Culture Development
  • Wellness workshops and seminars
  • Keynote Speaking ~ growth and wellness